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Q: What if I can’t attend every group coaching session? Is it required to attend them all?

A: That’s okay, it’s not at all a requirement to attend every session! We recognize that our bridal store owners live very busy and full lives. We do not expect you to be able to attend every session live. There is a ton of value in the recorded lessons and related resources alone. Even if you can’t regularly attend the group coaching sessions, you will be able to apply learnings from each month to your business. We’ll also be taking call notes and highlighting important Q&As that come up from each month’s topic that you’ll have access to. 

This program is designed for business owners with busy schedules. Watch the masterclasses on your own time and send us a message if any questions come up!

Q: If I sign up for a one-on-one engagement (Profit Coach or VIP), do I still get access to all of the Bridal Profit Accelerator content and group coaching sessions?

A: YES! While the group coaching sessions are by no means required for our Profit Coach or VIP clients, they are always available. Plus, you have access to all of the educational materials and any other program perks.

Q: I'm a BridalVision accounting client. Is the Profit Advisor program included?

A: If you are a Profit Coach or a VIP client, the Profit Advisor program IS included. Our Profit Coach and VIP clients are all-in with us and we support them with all of our tools and resources. (We even build new tools for our VIPs, when needed!). For our other offerings—Basic Accounting and the BridalVision Software—we allow our customers to pick and choose what they need, when they need it. This allows us to keep our prices as low as possible for each option while providing our customers the flexibility to join us as their needs and means allow.

Q: What are the next steps? How does it work?

A: After you sign up and have selected your monthly or annual payment plan, you will receive an email to let you know that you’re all set, and will have access to content for the upcoming month. Feel free to jump ahead as content is available in the platform and prepare any questions you have for our first group coaching call!

Q: What are the benefits of group coaching?

A: In group coaching, we are able to draw on the decades of experience of the group to craft new ideas and new paths forward. The industry is always evolving — group dialogue allows us to evolve and innovate together. Furthermore, members often enjoy group coaching because they learn from the questions and answers that they would have never thought to ask themselves.

If you have a more personal question, you can reach out to our bridal store experts through the BridalVision app at any time.

Q: I am located in another state or country. How do the group coaching sessions work?

A: We use Zoom for all of our calls. It is an incredible platform for video communication. It will require a 2 minute download the first time you use it. After that, you will simply click on the link to join our call, and it will be as if we are in the same room… almost! Zoom’s screen-share feature is especially great when it comes to teaching and learning. We have developed an amazing community using digital tools! Just jump in, and we will take care of the rest.

Q: Is the information discussed in sessions confidential?

A: We can only ensure confidentiality in our one-on-one engagements (Profit Coach and VIP) and in written communication. You are free to disclose as much or as little information as you would like in group coaching sessions when asking questions. When general information is provided, we will often respond with theoretical examples in order to illustrate and educate.

Q: Do you record sessions for those who can’t make it?

A: To respect the privacy of those that do attend, we do not record sessions. However, we do provide notes and educational materials and encourage all members to follow up with written questions as they arise. 

Q: Would I benefit more from this group Bridal Profit Accelerator Program or a One-on-One engagement?

A: The answer depends on your specific needs at this moment in time in your business. Many of our one-on-one clients at the Profit Coach or VIP level started in one of our group coaching programs and later “graduated” to working with Ingrid and Brooke in more intensive one-on-one, monthly strategy sessions when they realized they were ready to take their business to the next level. The Profit Accelerator program is an excellent first step to getting the fundamental financial education in place, at a low cost, with a high level of access to our team for Q&A. In other words, it is a fantastic starting point, and you can always move up into one-on-one coaching.

Q: Is the program refundable?

A: We have two options — a monthly plan and an annual plan. The monthly plan can be cancelled at any time. The annual plan is refundable within the first thirty (30) days of purchase. The 30 day refund period only applies to your first subscription and cannot be used more than once.

Q: Do I have to have certain financial software to participate?

A: Not at all. Financial concepts transcend software. Having said that, you will find that the majority of our members do tend to use the financial technology stack that we recommend: BridalVision + BridalLive + QuickBooks Online, and we will speak to the specifics of these software platforms from time to time. Once you’ve signed up, you can ask us all of your burning software questions.