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Make Inventory Your Best Investment

Our goal at BridalVision Financial is to help you increase profitability and to create lasting financial health. We build tools that use your store's BridalLive data to make inventory management decisions quick and easy. We're also the only firm specializing in accounting, business advisory, and Profit First for bridal stores.

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Start feeling 100% in control of the financial direction of your business.

  • Save time and money — Let your store's BridalLive data lead the way to better financial decisions.
  • Take the guesswork out of inventory management.
  • Don’t let emotions drive your buying decisions.
  • Score every gown before you put your money down!
  • Fill inventory gaps.
  • Compare across designers and select your money makers!
  • Take charge of profit and cash flow.
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Meet Ingrid Heilke, Your Bridal Store's Financial Expert and Co-Founder of BridalVision

Your brides don’t know. Your stylists don’t get it. Your family probably doesn’t get it either. The carrying cost of inventory for bridal shops is significant

What stood out to me when I started working with bridal shops was an overwhelming sense of frustration with inventory management. You expressed a love-hate relationship with the gowns that simultaneously power sales and stifle cash flow. I also saw that you were getting by with what you had, when it comes to financial tools and services, but that you are very short on resources.

We have worked with boutiques across the country to build tools that ensure inventory is your best investment. Why should data-driven decisions only be available to corporations like Apple and Amazon? At BridalVision Financial we believe in putting business intelligence tools in the hands of small businesses to make financial decisions quick and easy. 

I want this to be your most profitable year ever. 

— Ingrid Heilke, Co-Founder, BridalVision Financial

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“Ingrid changed my business... Money coming in and out of the bank is always the biggest concern as a store owner—even when things are going well.  Working with Ingrid over the last two years has allowed me to get past knee-jerk reactions with money and move into a place of strategy; from what I want my business to look like and how we can get there to my role in the business.”

Emmy Gorman
Owner of Blush Bridal

“I am so grateful for Ingrid and all the greatness she is doing. Her inventory roadmap is 100% amazing and I keep freaking out each step I take on it! The bridal world needs more gems like this.”

Rachel Apple
Owner of The Bride Room

“After our first conversation, I just knew that Ingrid understood our struggles and that she was the perfect person to help our industry. Since then, Ingrid has been integral in helping me to evolve the profitability of my own business.”

Beth Chapman
White Dress By the Shore, Beth Chapman Styling and Consulting, The White Dress Society

"I switched my accounting and financial advisory services last year after I met Ingrid, and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I would highly recommend Ingrid to all bridal salon owners because Ingrid understands how bridal business works, and she will help you to make the best decisions for your business"

Heba Adat
Owner of The Bridal Room

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