Simplify Profitability & Growth for Your Bridal Store.

The Bridal Profit Accelerator is a Master Class led by Ingrid Heilke, a Financial Strategist dedicated to the bridal industry.

Trusted by bridal industry leaders:

2024 is YOUR Year to Grow and Scale Your Bridal Business.

Master Classes are available on-demand. Plus, every month we do a LIVE topical deep-dive focused on increasing financial literacy and exploring new paths to maximize profits.

goal setting for bridal stores
Why You Need More Than Sales Targets: Goal Setting for True Growth & Profitability
bridal team building
Building Your Best Team: Balancing People and Productivity
inventory management
Inventory Management: Are You Optimizing Profit on Your Biggest Investment?
Bridal Accounting 101: Learn the Language of Business
Cash Flow vs Profit 101: Up Your Cash Flow IQ
profit first for bridal stores
Profit First for Bridal: From Cash Eating Monster to Money Making Machine
profit margins for bridal stores
3 Ways to Increase Bridal Shop Profit Margins
bridal business
Customer Identity and Experience as Your #1 Marketing Tool
marketing bridal
Bridal Shop Digital Marketing Under the Hood
compensation structures bridal
Compensation Structures: What is Right for Your Team, Your Culture and Your Bottom Line?
bridal accounting
Essential Accounting Rhythms: Your Daily, Monthly, and Year-End Checklists
exit plan
Creating an Exit Plan for Your Bridal Store (Even If You Never Want to Sell)

What is a Bridal Profit Accelerator? 

First, imagine if you...

  • Never had to face the unique challenges of owning a bridal store alone again.
  • Had access to a bridal store expert skilled in accounting, finance, and business strategy.
  • Fixed your cash flow and seasonality hurdles.
  • Mastered inventory management to eliminate costly buying mistakes.
  • Were part of a network of other passionate bridal business owners.
  • Had the tools and skills necessary to turn your store into a profitable business that fits your ideal lifestyle.

Join other passionate bridal shop owners in working through the unique challenges and solutions of running a bridal shop. Every month, Ingrid Heilke will focus your attention on an important and transformative topic to increase your financial acumen and accelerate your business success. 

The accelerator combines education, resources, networking, and group coaching to guide you along your bridal shop's journey.

bridalvision bridal profit accelerator
bridal business accelerator

What you get when you sign up now:

  • Join group coaching calls where you'll get your burning bridal business questions answered.
  • Access to on-demand  financial education content
  • Access to BridalVision business intelligence tools
bridal profit and cash flow course

Meet Ingrid Heilke, Co-Founder of BridalVision.

When I found the world of bridal stores, I found a community of business owners that were solely dedicated to the beauty and transformation of a moment in other women’s lives, but were sacrificing themselves to make it happen. I found loving  people who would go hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt to make a moment in someone else’s life beautiful.

I am the Co-Founder of BridalVision, where I serve bridal store owners as  Chief Financial Guide and Business Strategist.

My goal is to make the numbers behind bridal store business visual, intuitive, and easy.

I help bridal stores chart a path towards a thriving, impactful business through financial advisory services, accounting, and business intelligence software.

I created the Profit Accelerator to provide bridal store owners with the tools, guidance, and community they need to grow their bridal store into their dream business.

What our clients have to say...

“After our first conversation, I just knew that Ingrid understood our struggles and that she was the perfect person to help our industry. Since then, Ingrid has been integral in helping me to evolve the profitability of my own business.”

Beth Chapman
White Dress By the Shore, Beth Chapman Styling and Consulting, The White Dress Society

“Ingrid changed my business... Money coming in and out of the bank is always the biggest concern as a store owner—even when things are going well.  Working with Ingrid over the last two years has allowed me to get past knee-jerk reactions with money and move into a place of strategy; from what I want my business to look like and how we can get there to my role in the business.”

Emmy Gorman
Owner of Blush Bridal

"I switched my accounting and financial advisory services last year after I met Ingrid, and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I would highly recommend Ingrid to all bridal salon owners because Ingrid understands how bridal business works, and she will help you to make the best decisions for your business"

Heba Adat
Owner of The Bridal Room

“I am so grateful for Ingrid and all the greatness she is doing. Her inventory roadmap is 100% amazing and I keep freaking out each step I take on it! The bridal world needs more gems like this.”

Rachel Apple
Owner of The Bride Room

Need more details? Here's what to expect.

Every month will follow the same structure:
  • LIVE GROUP ZOOM: Deep Dive Q&A and Discussion
    • Live: Financial advisor and business strategist, Ingrid Heilke leads a deep-dive on the month’s topic. Deep dives include Q&A as well as group facilitated discussion and group coaching.
Have burning questions? Here's how to get answers.
    • Bring them to the live session for dialogue!
    • Confidentially submit your question in advance and Ingrid will answer in the live session.
    • Submit an advisory question in the BridalVision platform and get a written response.
Can't make a session?
    • That’s okay! Drop in as you can.
    • Sessions will be recorded and posted
    • You can always message us with questions, challenges and opportunities as they arise!
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Still wondering if this is the perfect fit for you?

If you have ever...

  • Felt you were wasting time in your business instead of working on your business because you didn’t know the next step
  • Felt you needed a financial data interpreter to make better decisions. 
  • Been stumped on an accounting question.
  • Felt stuck understanding what tools you need to take your business to the next level.
  • Wished that you had finance, accounting, or business strategist you could just ask.

...then the Accelerator is the best next step for you to take on your bridal store owner’s journey!


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Still have questions? Read the FAQs!

Q: Would I benefit more from this group Bridal Profit Accelerator Program or a One-on-One engagement?

A: The answer depends on your specific needs at this moment in time in your business. Many of our one-on-one clients at the Profit Coach level started in one of our group coaching programs and later “graduated” to working with Ingrid and Brooke in more intensive one-on-one, monthly strategy sessions when they realized they were ready to take their business to the next level. The Profit Accelerator program is an excellent first step to getting the fundamental financial education in place, at a low cost, with a high level of access to our team for Q&A. In other words, it is a fantastic starting point, and you can always move up into one-on-one coaching.

Q: What if I can’t attend every group coaching session? Is it required to attend them all?

A: That’s okay, it’s not at all a requirement to attend every session! We recognize that our bridal store owners live very busy and full lives. We do not expect you to be able to attend every session live. There is a ton of value in the recorded lessons and related resources alone. Even if you can’t regularly attend the group coaching sessions, you will be able to apply learnings from each month to your business. The program is priced so that even if you can only watch the recorded sessions and use the software, there is a TON of value!

This program is designed for business owners with busy schedules. Watch the masterclasses on your own time and send us a message if any questions come up!

Q: If I sign up for a one-on-one engagement (Profit Coach or Accounting), do I still get access to all of the Bridal Profit Accelerator content and group coaching sessions?

A: YES! While the group coaching sessions are by no means required for our Profit Coach or Accounting clients, they are always available. Plus, you have access to all of the educational materials and any other program perks.

Q: What are the next steps? How does it work?

A: After you sign up and have selected your monthly or annual payment plan, you will receive an email to let you know that you’re all set, and will have access to content for the upcoming month. Feel free to jump ahead as content is available in the platform and prepare any questions you have for our first group coaching call!

Q: What are the benefits of group coaching?

A: In group coaching, we are able to draw on the decades of experience of the group to craft new ideas and new paths forward. The industry is always evolving — group dialogue allows us to evolve and innovate together. Furthermore, members often enjoy group coaching because they learn from the questions and answers that they would have never thought to ask themselves.

If you have a more personal question, you can reach out to our bridal store experts through the BridalVision app at any time.

Q: I am located in another state or country. How do the group coaching sessions work?

A: We use Zoom for all of our calls. It is an incredible platform for video communication. It will require a 2 minute download the first time you use it. After that, you will simply click on the link to join our call, and it will be as if we are in the same room… almost! Zoom’s screen-share feature is especially great when it comes to teaching and learning. We have developed an amazing community using digital tools! Just jump in, and we will take care of the rest.

Q: Is the information discussed in sessions confidential?

A: We can only ensure confidentiality in our one-on-one engagements (Profit Coach and Accounting) and in written communication. You are free to disclose as much or as little information as you would like in group coaching sessions when asking questions. When general information is provided, we will often respond with theoretical examples in order to illustrate and educate. If you have a question that you want answered live, but which you want to keep confidently, submit it on the BridalVision platform ahead of time.

Q: Do you record sessions for those who can’t make it?

A: Yes - we will be recording sessions starting in 2022.

Q: Is the program refundable?

A: We have two options — a monthly plan and an annual plan. The monthly plan can be cancelled at any time. The annual plan is refundable within the first thirty (30) days of purchase. The 30 day refund period only applies to your first subscription and cannot be used more than once.

Q: Do I have to have certain financial software to participate?

A: Not at all. Financial concepts transcend software. Having said that, you will find that the majority of our members do tend to use the financial technology stack that we recommend: BridalVision + BridalLive + QuickBooks Online, and we will speak to the specifics of these software platforms from time to time. Once you’ve signed up, you can ask us all of your burning software questions.