Profit First Jumpstart

Is the Profit First Jumpstart Program Right for Your Bridal Business?

You are familiar with Profit First, and maybe you have even opened your accounts, but you still have questions. You are ready to work with a Profit First Professional to do it right.

We design a custom plan for you to ensure there is no “shock” to your cash system.

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How This Program Helped Sash & Bustle Increase Profits

Don't just take it from us — learn how our clients at Sash & Bustle experienced greater confidence in financial decisions, increased owner salary, quarterly dividends (profit distributions), and the ability to set goals and have clarity in business decisions!


The only firm specializing in implementing Profit First with bridal shops.

Hear it from Mike Michalowicz, the author of Profit First! We work with you to transform your bridal store from a cash eating monster into a money making machine.

How We Work With You

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Analyze your financial data using the Profit First methodology and make a custom plan including inventory budget.
Get Started
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Check implementation progress. Track your allocations in BridalVision's Profit First Tool. Adjust as needed.
Learn More
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Monitor progress, make adjustments. Calculate profit distributions. Quarterly strategic planning.
Let's Go!

Profit First JumpStart is for you if:

✔ You want to be able to make profit distributions and compensate yourself as the owner with confidence and ease.

✔ You want an inventory budget that can sustain a profitable business.

✔ You want to make more strategic decisions with your cash.

✔ You want to understand cash usage patterns and how to take corrective action for ever-increasing profitability.

Profit First JumpStart is NOT for you if: 

X You’re not a bridal business.

X You don’t have an accounting system.

X Your books are unreliable or not up-to-date

Is this you? We love building accounting systems and cleaning up the numbers for bridal shops!

Ingrid changed my business... Money coming in and out of the bank is always the biggest concern as a store owner—even when things are going well.  Working with Ingrid over the last two years has allowed me to get past knee-jerk reactions with money and move into a place of strategy; from what I want my business to look like and how we can get there to my role in the business.

Emmy Gorman
Owner of Blush Bridal

I feel so much more in control of my finances and I feel like I am tackling my debt!

Beth Chapman
Owner of The White Dress by the Shore

I switched my accounting and financial advisory services last year after I met Ingrid, and it was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I would highly recommend Ingrid to all bridal salon owners because Ingrid understands how bridal business works, and she will help you to make the best decisions for your business.

Heba Adat
Owner of The Bridal Room

Prefer to do it yourself?

Join the Profit Accelerator

The program is chock full of financial education content, including a Profit First Masterclass that walks you through how to implement Profit First for Bridal Shops. 

Read the Book

Start by reading Profit First written by Mike Michalowicz. When you are ready to learn how to implement specifically for your bridal business, come back any time!

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